An old-style fan site for indie rock of the 2000s

Indie rock had its heyday in the early 2000s, with bands taking a more DIY approach to music as a rebellion against the domination of pop music at the time. Major scenes included in New York with bands such as The Strokes, Interpol, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, LCD Soundsystem and The White Stripes, and later in the UK with bands such as Kaiser Chiefs, Franz Ferdinand, Arctic Monkeys and The Killers.

Today the genre lacks the mainstream popularity it had at the time, and many of the initial indie bands moved on to other genres (see Arctic Monkeys) or broke up entirely (see The White Stripes, The Libertines). However, the genre continues to have cult support with a solid fanbase.

This website is ran by a member of that fanbase, to share and express my love for the genre! :D